adalah situs jasa Penerjemah/terjemahan/translate/alih bahasa. Kami menerjemahkan ke berbagai bahasa, baik itu terjemahan untuk bahasa inggris ke bahasa indonesia maupun terjemahan dari indonesia ke inggris. Mari bergabung bersama kami... Dan kami akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk anda.. The best translation service.. jasa terjemahan

Do you need English into Indonesia translation service, or vice verse?
We are professional translation agency in Indonesia offering you with the most reliable translation, so do not doubt about accuracy of our work.
Our experienced-translators could work almost all fields of expertise, including economy, legal, general field, and many more.

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What about the fee?
Payment / fee will be based on the total translated words. We offer you $0,06 per source of word. Minimum payment shall be $50.
50% of total estimated payment will be down payment, and the remaining shall be paid after work completion. We could be done via Paypal.

We also have a wide range of clients, including personal, institution, industry, big and small company, as well as international-based company.

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